Sunday, August 31, 2008

Twilight - mixed feelings

Stuck half way through Stephenie Meyer's Twilight and not sure if will continue. Though, I already have second book New Moon of the series in my hands!

It is partially enjoyable, but not as captivating as I thought it would.

Kind of a half cafe, de-cafe version of Judy Blume meets Anne Rice novel about a teen girl who falls in love with a vampire.

You can certainly tell that this is Meyer's first book as there are some really annoying things that should have been edited out.

For instance: The incessant and repetitive way we are told on every second page how Edward Cullen (the teen vampire whom main character falls in love with) is 'handsome, gorgeous, beautiful'. It really slows down the narrative and is not necessary.

We get it. He is one hot teen vampire - please move on.

I guess what is missing is any sense of subtleness, or even Buffy like irony, in the book. Overall, I find the characters a tad too shallow. There seems to be an emphasis on how important it is to be an attractive, beautiful, sexy vampire with pecs that show through your tight t-shirt (and yes that my fellow readers is almost an exact quotation).

After writing all this, I have made up my mind to not finish the book. Twilight should have been a fun peppy sort of read, but has instead become a bit of a labour of 'unlove'.

Maybe I'll just wait for the movie!

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