Monday, August 18, 2008

Cool name, cool book

And the gold medal for best named author goes to: Fushia Dunlop - what a cool name!

What a cool book! I am eagerly awaiting my library to get a copy of Dunlop’s book: Shark's fin and Sichuan pepper : a sweet-sour memoir of eating in China.

It is on order – god I love my local library, it is sooo on the ball with its acquisition policy!

The NY Times review calls it: “an insightful, entertaining, scrupulously reported exploration of China’s foodways and a swashbuckling memoir studded with recipes.”

I just wanna read about all the weird and wonderful things she eats in China, like rabbits’ heads, turtles’ feet, goose intestines and of course a real yum cha gourmand’s must eat dish: duck tongues.


tseen said...

Book Boy - you'll have to report back about Dunlop's book. I've heard great things about it and, really, with an outline like that how could it go wrong?

I've now become addicted to the NY Times "The Moment" site (in which Chandler Burr's column surfaces every so often). Just reading it makes me feel all hip and trendy and well-travelled; all exactly what a good blog-site should do! ;)

Book Boy said...

yeah i love the 'swashbuckling' description!

i am so happy 2 have a fellow Chandler B. fan to talk to!!

oh i love the NY times online, here are some other recommends:
- Cathy Horyn's blog - On the Runway
- Manohla Dargis & A.O. Scott movie review
- Maureen Dowd's Op Ed pieces.