Monday, August 25, 2008

Growing Up Asian in Australia

Borrowed Growing Up Asian in Australia from book buddy Tseenster.

Enjoyable read with some really moving and funny stories. I particularly liked:
  • Suni Badami - hilarious account of how Asian names cause so many problems.
  • Amy Choi - deeply moving account of how harsh we can be to our families in the pressure to assimilate.
  • Benjamin Law - funny, laugh out account of family holidays.
Overall it was a good read, but sometimes a bit patchy in terms of quality.

My biggest gripe is the 'Tall Poppies' section - interviews with 'well known' Asian Australian identities. I didn't think the Q&As added much to the book and in contrast with the deeply moving and personal stories such as Choi's, seemed a bit lame-o.

Plus, it was frustrating to hear from the same old 'faces' that are meant to represent 'successful' AAs ie. John So.

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