Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Wanted Man - Lee Child

I really, really wanted to like and enjoy the latest Jack Reacher novel: A Wanted Man

But oh dear, it was quite frankly a complete and utter bore.

I actually lost the will to turn the page (actually tap the page on my iPad!) about mid way through the book. And that is bad, as Reacher novels are usually insanely gripping page turners with lots of plot twist and turns that keep you up all night long. 

So this book finds Reacher hitchhiking and finding himself in the middle of trouble again. The plot involves the usual suspects: FBI, CIA, local police...and of course terrorists. The plot twist were very 'meh - is that it?'.

The only new thing of note is that Reacher doesn't bed any hot female law enforcement officer this book.

As I said, very blah.

What was majorly disappointing is that we don't really find out anymore about Reacher. It's like character development just stopped. Hell, let's not even bother with development for the rest of the main characters too!!

So after sorting out all the troubles, Reacher is back on the never ending road...presumable setting us up for another book of course.

Call me cynical, even for a fanboy this felt very much like a "oh it's time to churn out another Reacher novel to keep the franchise going in time for the movie launch".
I must admit this is all VERY disappointing and I'm very envious of newish fan Tseenster whose still got a couple of great Reacher novels in the series to go before she hits the wall of mediocrity.