Wednesday, July 9, 2008

When the latest disappoints

Settling down with the latest in a series from a favourite author is always a fraught affair - Is it going to be as good as the last one? Or as my friend T. say's “is it going to be a phone in”?

There is something comforting about going back to characters you really like and connect with. But because you have so much invested already, you can also be greatly disappointed.

One of my biggest disappointments so far this year is Lee Child's new Jack Reacher novel: Nothing to Lose. Crushingly disappointing and anti-climatic. What happened to the thrills, suspense and action Lee? I thought this was meant to be a thriller - why so boring? You expect Jack to be the good guy again, that much is always taken for granted, but at the end of this one you kinda don't really care anymore.

The one author who is consistently good is Jeffrey Deaver. His latest Lincoln Rhyme novel: The Broken Window lived up to all my expectations. I think the difference is that you feel that Deaver cares about his characters.

And nobody does dialogue like Deaver. Razor sharp and witty. The banter between Rhyme and Thom is classic, I love the way these characters express their affection for each other by using sarcasm.

Damn, now I have to wait another year or so the next Rhyme. Should have taken time to savour it instead of demolishing it over 2 nights!

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