Thursday, July 24, 2008

Crush on Mr.Burr continues

My crush on Chandler Burr continues.

Reading his analysis of a new fragrances in Scent Notes, makes me smile.

He has an ability to write about fragrance in such an original, witty and evocative way. Take for instance his description of Hilary Duff's new perfume:

"...a scent one might encounter were one lucky enough to be hugged close to the suntanned neck of a pretty volleyball player on a Malibu beach: a bit of sunscreen, a hint of the breeze from the California hills and the smell of a girl who really knows how to play at the net."

So good. Sigh.


tseen said...

I'm totally addicted to Burr's column. Went and binged on it recently. Still want to know what he thinks of DKNY cos that's what I'm using right now... ;)

Book Boy said...

oh you need to read the book Tseen, he is someone u could really do coffee with you know;-)