Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bit of a french moment

My reading has taken a bit of distinctly fashionable french turn lately. It all started with Chandler Burr's fascinating account of the French perfume industry: The Perfect Scent: A year inside the perfume industry in Paris and New York.

I must confess the start of a big crush on New York Time's perfume critique Mr Burr. His writings on perfume are so addictively good. He is sharp, insightful and funny too. What more could one ask for?

He kinda makes me wish I had paid more attention in chemistry class! Plus, he is not afraid to pull punches such as his absolutely crushing critique of Hugo Boss fragrances - I must banish my Hugo Boss Elements now.

Another addictive read so far is Alicia Drake's Beautiful Fall, her account of the parallel careers of Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Largerfield. Who knew they were so closely connected and at one time shared the same boyfriend! C'est shocking! C'est horror! C'est bon!

Can't wait to read Yasmina Reza's account of her year with current French prez Nicholas Sarkozy too.


tseen said...

See? Told you I'd find it. :D

Glad to see you've entered the blogosphere - looking forward to all the juicy details of your reading. I so want to read the Burr book now. Does he say anything about DKNY?!

Will be starting Garlic and Sapphires soon - a foodie book may well trump Forsythe... ;)

Book Boy said...

This is sooo addictive!

Yes, yes, you must read Burr, check out his blogspot on NY times:

Burr doesn't mention DKNY, but he sure dissses a whole lot of other 'designer' branded perfumes!

Ah sooo many books, so little time;-)

lucy said...

lovely. thanks book boy for seeking out some sparkly gems to read. just finished Margaret Atwood's Robber Bride and looking for another page turner. Can you post more lists by genre?