Sunday, July 13, 2008

Browsing and scoring a find

Just finished Beautiful Fall - was a great read that I wanted to continue. I wish Drake could have gone into the 1990s in more detail, especially as that was when KK's (Kaiser Karl) career really went crazy. But as the title says it focused on 1970s.

The epilogue was also juicy with her detailing of how KK sued her for publishing the book and lost! Juicy, juicy to the last page. As she notes it wasn't for defamation but for privacy, so he was not alleging that the contents of her book were untrue, just that they damaged his right to privacy.

But as Drake argues in her defence, KK already spilled his guts out many times in many interviews, so just how much privacy was there left to protect?

Browsing local library (I do old school borrowing, none of this book mooching stuff - that is another story!) and happened to pick up something that I cannot put down.

It is Connie Willis - Doomsday Book. Plot - young student goes time traveling as part of an academic program to the Middle Ages but gets stuck when there is a glitch in the computer.

Fascinating, page turner which I am about to go back to NOW.

I love accidental finds because it is the universe telling you to read this book. Providential.

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tseen said...

Oh, I think the world needs to hear the bookmooch story.

I'll tell mine, too. :P

Started Reichl's Garlic and Sapphires - loving it. What a job, to be a food writer! Though I think it'd pall in interest and novelty after a while (says I without a hope of ever being one).

Do you ever not finish books? I'm thinking of posting a list of books I've never finished (includes Frazier's Cold Mountain, and a Richard Flanagan).