Thursday, July 10, 2008

Books that won't be put down

For Lucy, my list of great reads/page turners:

Warning: If you start one of these book, be prepared for late nights!

Genre: Thriller
Tom Rob Smith - Child 44
Suspense novel set in Stalin’s Russia.
In this intelligent ‘hunt for a serial killer’ thriller, Rob Smith evokes the heightened paranoia of a society forced to spy on itself. Perhaps one of the best first chapters ever, setting the scene for a thoroughly enjoyable journey.

Genre: Ghost Story/Gothic
Dianne Setterfield - The Thirteenth Tale
The page turner of the year for me. Brillant gothic novel about the dark side of story telling and the power of reading.

I loved the fact that the heroine of the novel is bookish amateur biographer named Margaret Lea, who lives with her father in their bookshop. Also loved the way this book captures the Brontë and du Maurier genre in a very contemporary manner.

John Harwood - The Ghost Writer
Thrilling, gothic suspense novel set in Australia and London. A playful reworking of the modern ghost story within a story.

From the blurb:
"An anonymous portrait, a green velvet gown, a porcelain doll, even an entry in a library catalogue can open the way to nightmare."

How can you resist?

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