Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spy thriller - Ghost War by Alex Berenson

A while ago I read a good review by my book bible, New York Times online, of Alex Berenson’s thriller: The Faithful Spy. I managed to pick up the second book in the series, The Ghost War, from my library.

It was a good read, if a little formulaic in narrative and characterisation. The main character of John Wells is of the same psychological makeup as Lee Child’s Jack Reacher. You know the loner/muscle bound action hero type. The part where we find out how much of daredevil/death wish John Wells has by riding his motorbike like, really, really fast is just a bit predictable.

Though no where near of course the hyper-masculinity of Jack Reacher. But this kinda what makes the Reacher novels so much fun too!

When I read these spy thrillers I think it would be nice to be surprised by a different kind of action hero. While reading this book I keep going back to the fact that no-one does spy thrillers and actual characters like Frederick Forsyth.

Everyone else seems so lightweight, unsophisticated and dare I say it, very American.

But it is good to roll up in bed with a fun ‘rushing to save the world’ thriller. Actually, I've got The Faithful Spy on bookshelf right now!

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