Thursday, March 19, 2009

Book Buying Spree

I'm a big borrower rather than buyer of books. I think it's a hangover from my not too recent student days when I didn't have much money.

Plus my local library carries a great fiction range and regularly gets most bestsellers. It's a two dollar charge to reserve them, which is I think is a great deal.

But in the last week I've been on a bit of book buying spree!

Granted it is because I can't get these books from my library or even Borders! I recently got a borders gift voucher for a present, and literally every book I wanted was not stocked in Australia.

So my recent purchases - awaiting delivery:

  • Celia Friedman, Wings of Wrath (Book 2 of Magister Trilogy)
  • Celia Friedman, Black Sun Rising (Book 1 of Coldfire Trilogy)
  • Thomas Perry, Vanishing Act (Book 1 ofJane Whitefield series)
  • Thomas Perry, The Face-Changers (Book 4 of Jane Whitefield series

Because of the dip of the Aussie dollar against US, I haven't been going through Amazon but a great Australian online bookstore called The range is pretty impressive and so are the prices, especially for paperbacks. For example, I picked up Thomas Perry's Vanishing Act in paper back for $13.97.

Now that is a good deal for these tough GFC times!!


Australian Online Bookshop said...

Two fantastic authors, Celia Friedman in particular.I absolutely loved The Wilding. I'm a little less familiar with Thomas perry but i have read The Butchers Boy whis i think won the Edgar award for best first novel.

tseen said...

BB -

Further to our conversation today, thought you might be interested in this short review of Twilight by someone from the AA list. I think it reflects your take in part? ;)

And you BOUGHT books? Amazing! Am intrigued by the Friedman series - very little fantasy gets me in these days (too many dwarves and magic swords...).


Book Boy said...

LOL yes, my sentiments about twilight exactly! It is hard to keep reading when the main character annoys the crap out of you!

yeah so excited about my book purchases - don't know what came over me!

do read Friedman's magister series - no dwarves or magic swords involved;-)

scp said...

I watched Twilight, never read the books and just accepted that in vampire land one's emotional growth is stunted when one is turned into a vampire. I used to think the book was for young teenage girls, but I see a lot of grown women on my train-line reading the book. I can't believe the book is so popular. I guess it's a romance novel and people are in love with the idea of an incredible looking vampire. I read somewhere that the actor had the guy who plays Charles Brandon in THe Tudors in mind when she wrote the character of Edward Cullen. I thought the film was stupid, but I'm not the target audience. What's with that scene where he says, "this is the skin of a killer" and he reveals his disco skin. too many LOL moments. Teens have tried to convince me the book is better.

I am back to using fishpond now that Aussie dollar is worth - not a great deal. Though a friend said that is still cheaper AFTER conversion because of the free shipping. Back when the AUD was strong, it was much cheaper than Fishpond.