Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hooked - Naomi Novik's Temaraire series

Why did it take me so long to get to this series? I'm hooked, line and sinkered into Naomi Novik's brillant Temaraire series.

Just finished the first one His Majesty's Dragon (read the excerpt) and am eagerly awaiting my request for the second bo0k - Throne of Jade - to arrive at my library.

A historical fantasy series set in the Napoleonic era, Temaraire is an inventive re-imagining of this period in which dragons exists and are 'weapons' in the war between the French and English.

The series follows the adventures of ex-naval captain William Laurence and his dragon Temaraire as they battle the French.

This book is one of these rare sci-fi/fantasy books that actually engages you because of its well developed characters. The relationship between the gentleman captain William and the extremely intelligent Temarair unfolds in a well plotted and tightly drawn narrative.

The action scenes are real page turners too.

Really, what more can one ask for?

As Mary Jo Putney says in her review, it's like "Horatio Hornblower has become a dragon rider!"

Not sure I can wait too long and may have to buy the book! Yes, it's that good that I am contemplating buying a book!

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