Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Good fun read – The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud

Just finished Julia Navarro's The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud.

In similar vein to The DaVinci Code - this book is a historical thriller with the subject matter the Turin Shroud.

The book starts with a strange fire and death at the Cathedral of Turin which brings in Italy’s Art Crimes Department to investigate.

It is a good fast paced fun page turner that interweaves the present and past, cris- crossing periods from the Byzantium to the Crusades.

Gotta say I love a good story involving knights, especially the Knights of Templar – which DaVinci Code also delves into.

Navarro is most effective when telling the story of the shroud from the death of Jesus through to the 14th century. Whereas the contemporary characters sometimes err on the side of the implausible – such as the character of Sophia Galloni. Really what is it with writers who create characters who are not only beautiful, smart but also hold PhDs? Please I know it’s fiction, but give me break!

The most dissatisfying part of the book is the ending – which wraps up quite too abruptly and quickly with one of the main character relegated to almost a footnote.

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