Monday, October 6, 2008

Satisfying Crime Read’s Continued – Val McDermid

Reading the latest PD James has started me on a crime-reading spree.

Just finished Val McDermid’s The Mermaids Singing.

McDermid writes a quality crime thriller – the narrative is set at a fast pace and the suspense is fantastic. But, there are also fully developed characters and a lot of funny dialogue and humour too.

Plus I swear DCI Carol Jordan's overbearing, overweight, sexist, boss reminds me of an ex-boss of mine. Right down to T. Scary.

And I must admit a crush on the kooky, slightly self-obsessed and geeky Dr Tony Hill, psychological profiler extraordinaire. He is the perfect foil to the cool, calm and organised DCI Carol Jordan.

In a reverse on the usual, I have already seen a couple of episodes of the BBC TV series version of McDermid's Dr Tony Hill series. Called, The Wire in the Blood it is perfectly cast Robson Green and Hermione Norris.
Gotta say, so far the book are just as good.

I’m about to start The Torment of Others – so will be a couple of late nights!

Oh here's another pic of RG for your viewing pleasure:

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