Monday, September 22, 2008

New crush: David Rakoff

Another author I have a crush on at the moment is David Rakoff.

Just about finished, Don't Get Too Comfortable in one reading.

He writes with a simple elegance and ease, but can also fillet in one short sharp sentence.

I love the entry titled 'What is the sound of one hand shopping?' which critiques the way it has become deriguer to glorify simple flavours such as sea salt:

"how better then to show a nobility of spirit than by broadcasting your capacity to discern the gustatory equivalent of a humminbird's cough as it beats its wings near a blossom that grows by a glassy pond on the other side of distant mountain?"

Speaking of crushes and elegance, Chandler Burr gives Jean-Claude Ellena's new Hermes fragrance, Un Jardin Apr├Ęs la Mousson a bit of dissing - one star.

Oh la, la.

But still oh so elegantly done, with Burr's rather cutting conclusion:

"I see here virtually total incoherence. I perceive no overriding vision from the artist, no clarity at all. I am baffled."

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