Monday, January 2, 2012

Some light holiday reading

It's holiday time and I'm up for some light fun reading, books that 'zip along'.

But of course, this year I got some pretty heavy reading for Christmas presents, including:

So with my brain protesting against such a heavy workload, I thought a nice crime/thriller was in order.

I downloaded the first in Sue Grafton's Alphabet series, A is Alibi, featuring PI Kinsey Millhone.

I've been wanting to get hooked on another series for a while and had often seen Grafton's books around the library and in bookstores and thought it was time I gave her a shot.

Overall, it was a good page turner and Millhone is a smart, funny, fiercly independent and likable character. The story begins when Millhone is hired to the find the 'real' killer of divorce attorney Laurence Fife. She encounters a few dead bodies on the way and with a few twist and turns in the plot, Millhone ends up solving the mystery.

I found the last part of the novel a bit of a stretch, with an unconvincing shift to the action genre that was a bit confusing. That being said, I did finish the book in a couple of sittings so Grafton is an efffective crime writer.

I'm just not sure whether I'll continue with the series, as niether the character or PI genre really grabbed me that intensely.

I guess I'll just have to find another series out there to start.

I recently discovered a great website for called Brain Pickings, which is one these cool 'curated' sites that brings together all things literary and cultural. The latest enewsletter featured the 2011's best biographies and memoirs.

Playing around on my new best friend the Flipboard app on iPad, I've noticed that instead of 'editors' or 'editing' it's all about 'curating' and 'curated' content.

So that being said, my latest career aspiration is to be a 'cool curator' on the Flipboard!

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