Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Order Up - Hungry Monkey and The Sweet Life in Paris

Order Up! Am soooo excited as my library has upgraded and you can now request the purchase of books online.

YAY - My two request were accepted and put on order:
Hungry Monkey just arrived and have read the first few chapters. It's really funny, Matthew Amster-Burton has a sharp and self-depreciating wit. Oh and there are recipes too!

I don't have children, so what to feed a baby isn't really on the top of my list of things to ponder. But I have reached a certain age where many of my good friends have started to have children so let's say I'm reading this one to gain a better understanding of what they have to go through. The chapter on called Adentures in Breastfeeding was particulary illuminating!

The second book, Living the Sweet Life in Paris is pastry chef David Lebovitz's food based memoir about living in Paris. The book covers two of my favourite things in life - Paris and pastries. Check out Lebovitz's blog for recipes and mouth- watering pics of his creations.

Oh, did I mention his other book is called the Great Book of Chocolate? Mmm maybe I need to place another order......

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