Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hooked on Ian Rankin's Rebus series

Got given Ian Rankin's Fleshmarket Close for present and gotta say am now officially addicted to Inspector Rebus!

Rankin's writing is so clean, clear and crisp. There is not one wasted word or description. I love the dialogue too and the droll humour of the characters, including of course Rebus.

What I liked is that Rankin is able to so easily grab you and get you into the story immediately. I haven't got into a book so quickly for a while.

The great thing about being a late convert is that I now have an extensive back list to read. Nearly finished Book 2 - Hide and Seek and have Book 1 Tooth and Nail waiting.

Will pick up Book 3 Tooth and Nail from library tommorow!

Soooo good to find myself working through another list;-)


tseen said...

OMG - you're back to blogging! This must mean some semblance of normality... ;)

So glad to see you here.

I've got a Rankin book on my shelves to 'try', after getting rave reviews from a few others. At least you'll have quite a few to work through!

Btw, you won't be surprised to hear that I found Scarpetta somewhat excruciating. I think it was in the first few pages, conversation between Scarp and Benton, when Scarp is described as speaking at the "speed of sound". I mean, really, WTF?!

Book Boy said...

Thanks, Tseen! An aah it is nice to be back & to be able to enjoy reading again.

Recovery going well, even driving around locally now.

And yes you must read Rankin and I am never happier than making my way through a list;-)

Mmm not surprised you found scarpetta BAD. At least you didn't pay for the book!

BTW what happened to FB??? You onto twitter now....