Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Crime reading spree....

Been a while since my last post - due to combination of work and holidays, but don't worry I have been reading!

Doing some serious criminal fiction the past month - it's a crime reading spree. Some recommended reads include:

The First Fingerprint - Xavier-Marie Bonnot. Great crime thriller set in Marseille and follows the hunt for a serial killer with Commandant Michel de Palma. I love the way Bonnot makes Marseille a character in the novel, with his wonderful descriptions of the city and its inhabitants. There is a nice twist which I didn't see coming and also by the end you actually care about the characters too. Here's hoping for more adventures of Commandant de aPalm!!

Gone to Ground - John Harvey. British crime procedural that has two great lead characters - Will Grayson and Helen Walker. Their relationship and committment to solving crimes and each other makes the book worth reading. Nicely done. Am off to find Harvey's other books.

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scp said...

ahh just read this blog.
I might give these books a go.