Monday, November 10, 2008

The Glass of Time - Drama, drama, drama

The Glass of Time is the sequel to one of my all time favourite reads, The Meaning of Night. It follows the tale of Esperanza Gorst who is fulfilling a Great Task – I won’t give anymore away!

I finished this novel in 3 days.

It’s a rollicking good read, full of HIGH drama and lots of twist and turns. Some I saw coming, others where a surprise. Oh I revelled in the drama and loved the sly humour!

Cox is able to create such memorable characters, especially the main villain who goes from sympathetic one minute to capital B bitch the other! The narrator's constantly shifting opinion of her reflects the readers.

The narrative is sustained at a wonderful pace, no lulls and lots of action. It was also enjoyable to return to Cox’s beautiful writing, though I found this book not as dense and stylistically difficult to read as The Meaning of Night.

I agree with Independent Review, that no-one at the moment matches Cox's "exquisite period detail, scope and sheer readability".

These books are crying out for a movie to be made.

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